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Searching for Great Jazz Charts And Recordings ?

Now You Too Can Own the Only Jazz Database Software on the Market!

The RealBook Software recreates the legendary 3 Original Volumes of the famous fakebook series into an amazing database software for your PC or Mac.

RealBook Software RealBook Software Volume 2 RealBook Software Volume 3
Volume 1 ------------------ Volume 2 ------------------- Volume 3
Each of the three Volumes were released in the four main transpositions of C, Bb, Eb and Bass clef for a total of 12 books

"The 'Real Book Software' is an all out, full blown, self contained jazz studies course, brought to life in an easy to use software program for Windows and Mac."

All of this material has been compiled into an amazing, highly organized software database engine that will allow you to locate any song in an instant or sort by a variety of detailed criteria such as key, tempo, artist, style.

Not only do you have immediate access to page after page of killer jazz charts but the software is embedded with full length original recordings for reference.

Yes!There are 5,251 pages worth of incredible, "must know", jazz charts. Plus, you'll have all charts in the major transpositions for each tune.

Yes!No matter what your instrument is, your chart is here.

· C instruments (Piano, Guitar, Flute, Violin, Vibes, Mallets)
· Bass Clef (Electric Bass / Upright Bass, Trombone)
· Eb (Alto Saxophone/ Baritone Saxophone)
· Bb (Tenor Saxophone / Soprano Saxophone, Trumpet, Clarinet)....

Yes!There are 1165 recordings totaling over 6480 minutes of audio.

Here's what customers have to say about the RealBook Software.

"You've brought the Real Book into the multimedia age".
"My Real Book is 25 years old and looks it.
Now I can retire it and work from the computer."

Thanks Again,

"I wanted this program badly because I've always loved my Real Book, and this is the coolest application of it imaginable. I also like the additional scores of many of the songs in additional keys as well as transcribed for transposing instruments."

"This is definitely superior to just the hardcopy Real Book Fifth Edition."

Kenneth Roll

"I am in awe of this program...
It is simply fantastic.
I'm a computer programmer and designer and I was sure I could design a much slicker interface...
but functionally...which is what it is all about,
Well you get it and you did it.
Much thanks and I want you to do the second book as well and I'll pay twice what I did for this.
Good grief...speechless...
I am out to spread the word... "

Thanks so much,

"Outstanding!...simple installation...intuitive structure.

Steve in GA

"Thanks for all the help on this.
It will be really useful for band sessions.
I am very impressed by how many free music downloads are included,
and by the wide coverage, way beyond versions of the printed real books,
It really is an excellent value."

Mick Foster

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You can also Click Here To See A Video Of The Realbook Software In Action!

View Video

View Video

The software runs on Windows 7, XP and Vista and Mac 10.4 and up.

7 things you'll be able to do quickly and easily...

Locate any chart in an instant - no thumbing through the book. No More Hunting for the proper charts!
(Alphabetize by Artist or Songs A-Z, Z-A or just perform a quick search for the song you are looking for).

Find or sort by Key

Find or sort by Transposition - (also enables you to see the songs in keys that you might not have ever played them in )

Find all songs by a given artist

Locate all songs in a particular style

Add thousands of tunes to your repertoire!

Hear Full Length Original Recordings By Famous Jazz Artists!

5 additional benefits and features:

Tag the songs you need and view only those charts, hiding the un-needed ones from sight
( I only want to see the charts we'll be jamming on today...)

Print out charts for every member of the group.
(Hmmm, Gloria's Step.....I'll print Charts for Trumpet, Tenor, Bass and Guitar)

See the same song in different keys and transpositions.
(OK, I've always played 'Round Midnight in E flat minor- what if I played it in F minor...)

Take the laptop to the gig and have instant access to your charts.
(The software let's me zoom in or out on the screen - this is too cool)

The software is expandable to include other Volumes and Fake books as those 'modules' become available.

And all of the licensing has already been taken care of for you.

I'm going to sweeten the deal and give you some Free Bonus Gifts when you go ahead and buy your copy of the "Real Book Software" TODAY.

Free Band In A Box Files -
"Real Book, Jazz Standards and More "
Value: $347 - Yours FREE!

One Thousand, Six Hundred, Ninety of them!

For you to do with as you please - warp them, steal progressions from them, change styles, rip off drum grooves - it's really only limited by your creativity.

"Real Book for Band In A Box"
Band In A Box Files will really help you absorb new tunes and create new arrangements. (Band In A Box program is not included).

And, just in case the Band In A Box Files Weren't Enough !

"Tons Of Jazz MIDI files - Real Book, Jazz Standards and More "
Value: $297 - Yours FREE!

The total play time of these is 8 hours 13 minutes and 51 seconds of MIDI files.

Load these into your sequencer or MIDI player of your choice and start playing along. You can even play these on your default Audio player on your computer.

"Jazz MIDI Files"
MIDI Files are flexible and universal. Trade them with other players, with ease!

So after all is said and done,

There is really only one way to respond -

Order Now!

The RealBook Trilogy

Best Deal*: All Three Volumes $297.00

(plus handling and shipping charges)

RealBook Software RealBook Software Volume 2 RealBook Software Volume 3
Volume 1 ------------------ Volume 2 ------------------- Volume 3
5251 Pages, 1165 Recordings, 108 hours playback, 1690 Band in A Box Files, And MIDIs

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We can also accomodate smaller orders

Good Deal: The RealBook Volumes I & II for $247.00

RealBook SoftwareRealBook Software Volume 2
Volume 1 --------- Volume 2

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RealBook for Vista And XPReal Book For Mac

Thanks and Enjoy!

PS.You'll be able to import other Plugin Modules into the RealBook Software as they become available (such as our current plugin product offerings RealBook Volume 2, Great Jazz Solos, Bill Evans Songs And Solos, Modern Jazz Guitar Volume 1 and the Charlie Parker Fakebook Software).

PSS. You are getting a huge DVD's worth of material which includes the RealBook Software, thousands of famous jazz charts in the 4 transpositions (C,Bass,Bb, Eb) along with the matching audios, MIDIs and Band In A Box Files.

PPS. - You'll also be eligible for access to exclusive materials and special pricing on a variety of amazing musical resources.

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