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Searching for Band In A Box Jazz Songs ?

How would you like to have the jazz RealBook come to life as a digital Software Fakebook?

There is absolutely no better way to learn the "jazz language" than by seeing and hearing the music created by famous jazz artists.

The EASIEST WAY to do that is by running through jazz charts while listening to the recordings.

Now, as you may already know, the Real Book has been an essential part of every aspiring jazz musician's arsenal since the spiral bound, soft cover fake book came out in the 70's

Sure, there have been other jazz fake books - but none match the importance of the original jazz fakebook - The RealBook Volume 1 Fifth edition.

Having said all that -
There is a massive breakdown in the system...
A big fly in the ointment....

Unless you have a massive library of jazz albums available to you, then you won't have a clue when it comes to how those songs are supposed to sound or be played.

You are just shooting in the dark and hoping to hit something.

That means that a good portion of the RealBook will be of little or no value to you.

For you to solve this problem on your own, you would have to spend huge amounts of time and money to locate and buy all of the recordings needed.

I'm going to save you the pain, effort, time and expense of all that...

Announcing, The Real Book Software

"The 'Real Book Software' is an all out, full blown, self contained jazz studies course, brought to life in an easy to use software program for Windows and Mac."

In jazz improvisation, you are required to know how to play through hundreds of jazz standards, jazz blues, latin jazz charts etc.

The RealBook Software will not only provide you with thousands of essential jazz chord charts and melodies but will also familiarize you with how these charts should sound.

This is critical in helping you understand the language of jazz and building a superb jazz vocabulary.

Hearing these essential jazz standards is a critical component to the advancement of any jazz musician.

"The Real Book is Now Reborn As Software -
But That's Only Part Of The Story..."

Electronic Real Book Electronic Real Book

There is a FULL DVD worth of material here.

Yes!There are 1,997 pages worth of incredible, "must know", jazz charts. Plus, you'll have all charts in the major transpositions for each tune.

Yes!No matter what your instrument is, your chart is here.

· C instruments (Piano, Guitar, Flute, Violin, Vibes, Mallets)
· Bass Clef (Electric Bass / Upright Bass, Trombone)
· Eb (Alto Saxophone/ Baritone Saxophone)
· Bb (Tenor Saxophone / Soprano Saxophone, Trumpet, Clarinet)....

So in addition to all of these lead sheets/charts, you'll also get the full original recordings for each tune.

There are 462 recordings that are bundled into the software.

Just hit a button and listen to the song being played by original artists and other jazz stars.

There is so much audio here.

If you were to play the recordings end to end, without stopping you would spend
1 day, 20 hours 6 minutes and 50 seconds to all of them.

That's almost 2 continuous days of the world's most amazing jazz music..

"But that still doesn't even tell the whole story yet" - Read On.

Yes!All of this has been brought together into One, Easy to Use, Software Program.
That means that all of this is instantly available to you at the touch of a button.
It absolutely could not get any easier.


Join the digital age!

Maybe you already have the vintage paperback Real Book from yesteryear.

So what?

It's time for you to leave the 70's behind and catch up to the 21st century!

Forget about paper - it's time to get digital.(After all, it's pretty likely that your old paper copy is pretty beat up by now)!

What The RealBook Software ISN'T...

This is not some useless PDF collection of poorly scanned charts where you still have to manually thumb through them.

With PDFs you've got a bunch of charts, but you have to find the disk, load it, launch Acrobat, and go through lots of images hoping to find the exact chart you needed.

Even with an index it is still a very inefficient way of getting to what you want quickly -
And at the end of it, all you have is a list of song titles - no info regarding style, tempo, transposition etc.

In many ways, with PDFs you are even worse off than if you only owned the paper Real Book!

Also, this is not the copyrighted Sher Publishing or Hal Leonard RealBook versions.


..this is a real, honest to God software program, designed to make the Real Book come to life..

All of this material has been compiled into an amazing, highly organized software engine that will allow you to locate any song in an instant or sort by a variety of detailed criteria, key, tempo, artist, style.

The RealBook Gets A New Look

To make things even more attractive and legible, each chart in each transposition has been carfeully recreated with the Finale Notation software. The RealBook is now rendered in engraving quality print instead of handwritten and frequently illegible, poor quality scans.

Electronic Real Book

Here's what people are saying...

"You've brought the Real Book into the multimedia age".
"My Real Book is 25 years old and looks it.
Now I can retire it and work from the computer."

Thanks Again,

"I wanted this program badly because I've always loved my Real Book, and this is the coolest application of it imaginable. I also like the additional scores of many of the songs in additional keys as well as transcribed for transposing instruments."

"This is definitely superior to just the hardcopy Real Book Fifth Edition."

Kenneth Roll

"I would buy this item just for the reason that the old "Real Book" is not available and quite treasured by many Jazz musicians, but hardly found."

Doc Riviera

"I am in awe of this program...
It is simply fantastic.
I'm a computer programmer and designer and I was sure I could design a much slicker interface...
but functionally...which is what it is all about,
Well you get it and you did it.
Much thanks and I want you to do the second book as well and I'll pay twice what I did for this.
Good grief...speechless...
I am out to spread the word... "

Thanks so much,

"Outstanding!...simple installation...intuitive structure.

Steve in GA

"Thanks for all the help on this.
It will be really useful for band sessions.
I am very impressed by how many free music downloads are included,
and by the wide coverage, way beyond versions of the printed real books,
It really is an excellent value."

Mick Foster

The software is absolutely amazing -

View Video

View Video

The software runs on Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista and Mac OSX 10.4 and higher.

Convenience Meets Control...

Imagine what you'll be able to do when can see all of the Blues charts you have - or

.....maybe you want to find all of the songs you have by Miles Davis, or Monk, or Coltrane - or

.....view all of the charts sorted by Style (Swing, Bossa, Ballads, etc.) can sort the songs by tempo.

Getting the idea?

7 things you'll be able to do quickly and easily...

Locate any chart in an instant - no thumbing through the book. No More Hunting for the proper charts!
(Alphabetize by Artist or Songs A-Z, Z-A or just perform a quick search for the song you are looking for).

Find or sort by Key - (Medley anyone? Or just a workout in a particular key)

Find or sort by Transposition - (also enables you to see the songs in keys that you might not have ever played them in )

Find all songs by a given artist
(Today I'm in a Bill Evans frame of mind....., or maybe Mingus...)

Locate all songs in a particular style ( Let's see, what Bossa Novas do I want to play on the gig tonight....)

Add hundreds of tunes to your repertoire!
( Read down the charts while listening to the recording)

Hear Full Length Original Recordings By Famous Jazz Artists!


Are You...

Preparing for a gig?

Teaching students?

Helping a friend or family member with their jazz knowledge and skills?

Jamming with other players?

Woodshedding to get your chops up?

Just playing for the enjoyment of it?

Whatever your situation, you'll find the benefits of this program are a huge help in your journey to becoming an outstanding jazz player.

"I've been playing professionally for over 30 years and this is the Best FakeBook I've ever bought! "

Dusty Hills

"All I can say man,

The music resource is out of this world. I got to start learning these tunes."

Heywood Thompson

"Thank you for the great responsiveness.
Here's something you can post on your website - I am impressed by the great customer service. I had a few questions on the install and they were answered promptly and in detail.

With the great price, this wasn't something I expected."

John Briggs

"I have all the books and I play Trumpet and Sax
When I stumbled over your website I too thought it was too good to be true but
I knew I had to take the chance knowing how this program could help me.
I'm totally blown away...
You're a very honest and sincere guy!"

Jay Morton


"You have a real winner there. Congrats"

Larry Bell

"It's a tremendous help, having it set up the way you have."

JR Tatarelli

"Thanks a bunch. I didn't sleep last night messing with this great tool. "

Thanks again


I really think you are a real hero and great advocate for jazz musicians.
I can not thank you enough for your incredible contribution which will do so much to improve our world, not only as musicians but as persons and even citizens! Wow. Truly great."

Gratefully yours...
Tim Byron

"This is just a great program. I just love it
Just what I've been looking for, thanks "

Dennis Irish

"Everything was handled in a prompt and professional manor.
I had no problems with delivery or program setup.
As far as the program itself, the interactive audio that can be accessed through band in the box sets this worlds apart from simply a book of charts on paper."

Joseph Mendillo

"Excellent I love this program.
I also want to say thank you for your quick support, and for your idea to develop this whole program for us working musicians.
To see a chart and also listen to a track and to be able to bring it all up in the same window is powerful, and I don't even know my way around this program yet to realize it's full potential !!! "

Best Regards and Thank You Again

I love what you did, it really is an amazing and complete collection! "


Make your sessions run more smoothly and efficiently by having everything ultra organized - Recordings, Charts - everything...

5 additional benefits and features:

Tag the songs you need and view only those charts, hiding the un-needed ones from sight
( I only want to see the charts we'll be jamming on today...)

Print out charts for every member of the group.
(Hmmm, Gloria's Step.....I'll print Charts for Trumpet, Tenor, Bass and Guitar)

See the same song in different keys and transpositions.
(OK, I've always played 'Round Midnight in E flat minor- what if I played it in F minor...)

Take the laptop to the gig and have instant access to your charts.
(The software let's me zoom in or out on the screen - this is too cool)

The software is expandable to include other RealBook Volumes and other Fakebooks and compliation as those 'modules' become available.

"You Are Also Getting The Recordings!"

You heard me right! These charts are bundled with the matching recordings.

Not just the heads and melodies, but the full recording.

Like I said before...

There are 462 recordings that are bundled into the software.

Just hit a button and listen to the song being played by original artists and other jazz stars.

There is so much audio here.

If you were to play the recordings end to end without stopping you'll have
1 day, 20 hours 6 minutes and 50 seconds worth of recordings.
That's almost 2 continuous days of the world's most amazing jazz music.. And all of the licensing has already been taken care of for you.

This is a huge bonus that will make the RealBook leap off the page and into your playing in ways that you never dreamed possible.

What do people think about having all of these recordings?

The software is awesome.
I am a drummer and having the sound files is a HUGE help."

Eric Puente

I installed the RealBook today, it's really awesome!
This is amazing being able to click on any tune and hear a recording of it!"

Thanks muchly,

Thanks a lot for the GREAT program you sold me.
I am very grateful for this fantastic jazz educational program.
The recordings make everything come alive!
I'll be able to listen to the great players and transcribe solos.
A cool thing about it is that I'll be able to listen to tunes that I never played or heard before and get to really appreciate them.
Again, thanks a lot for your wonderful work.
I'll let my students and musician friends know about it."

Take care,
Alex Cruz

Holy Sh*t! I love this thing. Just the recordings alone are worth the price of admission.
Frankly I saw this on your website a few months ago, but it seemed to good to be true. But it ain't.
Thanks for putting a great product out there."

You da' man!
Tim Curry


I've also got a confession to make.

So many songs in the Realbook were way off the beaten path, and not at all familiar.

After hearing many of these tunes for the first time, the common reaction is - "What a cool tune - now I see why it was in here".

So many people write us and say "Man, I wish I would have had this program 20 years ago."

You are certain to say that too.

Can you imagine what a huge difference it could have made in your playing!.

So it was time to do something to merge the charts together with full, representative recordings,

We went to work on creating this comprehensive package - the Fake Book to end all Fakebooks.

More Unsolicited Reports from

RealBook Software Owners

"The program is a great thing, what you get is unique & wonderful -
Where else could I hear all those songs?"

Jan Jungden

"Now I can immerse myself in jazz bliss...thanks for taking the time and effort to compile this...
I've used my Real Books for years to play from and you've added a new dimension to my playing."

Thanks again!

Bill Ferrebee

"5 stars for the RealBook Software."
"Amazing Product - High Quality.
It is a fabulous way to learn jazz with recordings by the original artists.
The written music is helpful, in all the needed keys on disc so we only print up what we want to play in our group.
There are thousands of hours of enjoyment with this product! "

E. T. Meree

And these are only a few of the people who have sent in their rave reviews of the RealBook Software.

Here's the bottom line...

All of the hard work has already been done for you - Saving you so much time,effort, and money. Really, we are talking thousands of hours here, plus the, oh man

What do YOU think ALL of that is worth?



If you kept guessing higher you would still be right, but...

Think about this...

Let's assume you could even find all of these recordings. Many of them are very hard to find or completely unavailable. (And, can you imagine the time that it would take to run all of those down/)

And, let's say they were available for download at the absolute cheapest rate of $0.99 cents per song.

The bill for the recordings alone would come out to $457.38 - again that's if you could even find them.

Ok, let's take this a step further and say that you could somehow lay your hands on the books
..........(remember there are 4 of them - 1 for each transposition)
Let's say at the street price of $35.00 apiece. ( no tax , right?)

That adds on another $140.00 to the tally.

So far you are looking at having to shell out $597.38 cash.

And we haven't even factored in how much your time is worth and how long it would take you to put all of this together.

Can you do better than that?

You bet.

How about if we offered this amazing package at the

"bargain basement", starving artist" rate of $150?

"You would HAVE to jump at that wouldn't you?"

Here's the deal -

We've cut the price down even lower than that for you.


So you will have no reason pass up this low-ball offer.

Even the most skeptical Doubting Thomas has no reason to jump at this.

We want to get this into your hands as quickly as possible so you can start seeing immediate results in your playing, just like so many others have already done.

Even though you agree that it is worth much more - you can have it for only $127.00.

The price has already been increased several times. You have already missed out by not buying earlier.

You'll definitely want to take advantage of this absolutely absurd offer.

Really. Don't pass this up. It's just too good of a deal.

The Real Book Software could be the Best Jazz Education Tool you'll ever purchase.

And as if that wasn't enough

You are getting so much material as part of the RealBook Software 'Course' - the value is already over the top as it is. That should have already sealed the deal.


Let's go way above and beyond here and sweeten this offer even more...

Let's make sure this is such an incredible deal, and that there is no way any sane person would pass it up.

You'll impressive Free Bonus Gifts when you go ahead and buy your copy of the "Real Book Software" TODAY.

Free Band In A Box Files -
"Real Book, Jazz Standards and More "
Value: $347 - Yours FREE!

One Thousand, Six Hundred, Ninety of them!

For you to do with as you please - warp them, steal progressions from them, change styles, rip off drum grooves - it's really only limited by your creativity.

"Real Book for Band In A Box"
Band In A Box Files will really help you absorb new tunes and create new arrangements. (Band In A Box program is not included).

Opinions on The Bonus Gifts, so far...

"Just ran thru the program real fast last is fantastic!!!
I've been looking for things like this ..and WOW it's already
...PLUS the MIDI and BIAB is perfect..I have a Backing track so to
speak to work on charts or use for a gig
I went ahead and sent the WEB link to several of my musician buds's that good!"


I just received your program today, thanks.
It looks really great.
I'm not much of a musician but tools like this give me a chance to see things about music I could not otherwise understand.
The Band in a Box element of it was the best part for me - you've done a really great job of setting up the files."


"Thanks for the excellent product
I got the links going , that was exciting.
All the band-in-a-box files are also exciting.
I use BiaB daily to comp while I practice.
The mp3 files linked to the song-list was a surprise and I loved it!
I'll use this program a lot."

Kjell Arne

"I've just been opening up the songs in Band in a Box.
These alone are worth the price I paid for the whole program."

M. Stott

And, just in case the Band In A Box Files Weren't Enough !

"Tons Of Jazz MIDI files - Real Book, Jazz Standards and More "
Value: $297 - Yours FREE!

The total play time of these is 8 hours 13 minutes and 51 seconds of MIDI files.

Load these into your sequencer or MIDI player of your choice and start playing along. You can even play these on your default Audio player on your computer.

"Jazz MIDI Files"
MIDI Files are flexible and universal. Trade them with other players, with ease!

"I think the program is great.
The MIDI file thing is particularly helpful, cause I'm gonna be using this thing primarily for teaching -
and with the MIDI files I can remove the piano - very handy -
not to mention I can print out piano parts, etc.
Linking the files to the tune which automatically opens Sonar works great - very handy.
BTW - these are some of the best MIDI files I've ever heard.
Great job. Most commercial MIDI files suck.
It's real easy to find a particular song or artist - that works real good.
Having the audio files is incredibly great.
The program is a winner.
Worth the bucks, for sure.
The zoom feature works good - and being able to mark songs is good.
I'm very happy with the program."
Walter Hanzel

Add in the value of these bonus gifts to our earlier "cash outlay" value estimations and we are at the conservative tally of $1241.43...but remember, at $127.00, you are getting all of this for a fraction of that price.

Plus, You'll be eligible for the "VIP, Special Member Status".

You'll be able to take advantage of EXCLUSIVE jazz product releases that are only made available to people who own this program.

The RealBook Software
is Easy to Install and Easy to Use.

Aside from the fact that this is an absolute wealth of resources and materials, everyone finds this to be an incredibly easy program to install and use. And for those occasional people who aren't that comfortable or skillful with computers, you'll find the support resources and personalized attention a tremendous help.

"Thank you for the great responsiveness.
Here's something you can post on your website - I am impressed by the great customer service. I had a few questions on the install and they were answered promptly and in detail.

With the great price, this wasn't something I expected."

John Briggs


It works like a champ.
Once again, thanks for your help.
I've never known a software company with better customer support than yours.
I've recommended your software to my musician friends.

Stu Carlin

So after all is said and done,

There is really only one way to respond -

Order Now!

Use any one of the convenient, safe and secure payment options below....

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

The RealBook Software
"Get It Now" Form


I want to get my own copy of
"The Real Book Software" send me The Full DVD's worth of material!


(I'd be insane not to jump at this offer).

Here's What You Get...

You'll get a commerically manufactured and packaged DVD that contains the installation program and documentation for Windows (XP,Vista,7,8,10) or Apple Mac (10.4.1 and up). Once the program is installed...

Yes! I understand that I get 1,997 pages worth of incredible, must have, jazz charts, covering the 4 main instrument transpositions.

Yes! I want those killer recordings totaling 1 day, 20 hours 6 minutes and 50 seconds worth of playing time.

Yes! I understand that I'll also be getting 1,690 Band In A Box Data Files as a bonus.

Yes! I understand that as a second bonus I'll also be getting 8 hours 13 minutes and 51 seconds of MIDI files.

Yes! I understand that the total value of this would be worth many many times more than the actual price.

Yes! I understand that this is a limited offer and the price can go up AGAIN very soon!!
Yes! I want to get it now while the price is only $127.00
(plus handling and shipping charges depending on which shipping method you choose)

We Ship Worldwide!

Yes! I understand that most DVD orders are processed the same day they are placed.

Yes! I'll receive a premium quality DVD, packaged in a DVD case and shipped in a bubble wrapped plastic envelope for extra protection.


If I don't want to wait, I can order a Digital Download Instead!

Yes! I understand that because this is a software product, all sales are final. Please see our Policy page link at the bottom of this page for details.

Yes! I'd also like to be notified when future Volumes or other Fakebook modules are released so that I can import them into "The RealBook Software". (RealBook Volume 2, RealBook Volume 3, Monster Jazz LTD, Great Jazz Solos, Bill Evans Songs And Solos, Modern Jazz Guitar Volume 1 and the Charlie Parker Fakebook Software are available as pluigns)

RealBook Software Volume 2 RealBook Software Volume 3 Charlie Parker Fakebook
Great Jazz Solos Charlie Parker Fakebook Bill Evans Songs And Solos Modern Jazz Guitar Volume 1

RealBook for Vista And XPReal Book For Mac
For Windows 7, 8, 10, XP and Vista or Mac OSX 10.4 and higher.

Use Your Credit Card...
Secure Transaction

Use Your Credit Card Easily And Confidently.
We use a secure 3rd Party Credit Card Processor, so your info is only seen by them. Not Us.

Microsoft Vista

Choose Your Computer Type And Format

RealBook Software For Windows
Real Book Software For Mac

*To order digital download AND a DVD, order the download first, then an option to get a "backup" DVD follows immediately.

Thanks and Enjoy!

PS.You'll be able to import other Plugin Modules into the RealBook Software as they become available (such as our current plugin product offerings RealBook Volume 2, RealBook Volume 3, Monster Jazz LTD, Great Jazz Solos, Bill Evans Songs And Solos, Modern Jazz Guitar Volume 1 and the Charlie Parker Fakebook Software).

PSS. You are getting a huge DVD's worth of material which includes the RealBook Software, thousands of famous jazz charts in the 4 transpositions (C,Bass,Bb, Eb) along with the matching audios, MIDIs and Band In A Box Files.

PPS. - You'll also be eligible for access to exclusive materials and special pricing on a variety of amazing musical resources.

© Real Book Software. All rights reserved.

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