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The Jazz RealBook Volume 1

The RealBook Volume 1 version 5.01 is our flagship product. It is a stand alone database style software program  for Windows and Mac and can be expanded by importing plugin versions of our other products.

Other Jazz Software Products in the Fakebook Series

RealBook Software's Leadsheet and Lyrics page
You'll have the lead sheets for each song in each instrument transposition.

    C instruments (Piano, Guitar, Flute, Violin, Vibes, Mallets)
     Bass Clef (Electric Bass / Upright Bass, Trombone)
     Eb (Alto Saxophone/ Baritone Saxophone)
     Bb (Tenor Saxophone / Soprano Saxophone, Trumpet, Clarinet)

Each song chart is linked to
full length recordings. For many songs this means the original recording.  Some songs provide several recordings for reference.

The software itself is very easy to operate and is highly versatile, allowing you to access your music in an instant with the variety of Find, Sort and Tag functions.

Or let the software choose songs or recordings for you for you with the Radomizer command

Lots of great additional
     Online Search Function: Discover all kinds of great background information about the songs and the artists that created and performed them.

Find song facts, like what Broadway musical the jazz standard came from, when it was written, the story behind the music.
Composer and Lyricist bios, etc. The possibilities are endless.
And you get to save your findings in the software along with the song.

This feature is also great for finding additional media like You Tube audios, play along tracks and videos for each song.

Save the links to those resources in the Web Links page alongside the "factory links" that are already there. Access the linked web locations instantly from the main menu.
Lyrics function:
Capture the
lyrics for the songs that have them and paste them beside the chart
There is so much more to mention in this short space, but you'll want to see it all for yourself. AND - as if all of this wasn't enough, you'll also get unbelievably, exceptionally, cool FREE Bonus files.

     Multi Track MIDI Files:
          Each song has its own MIDI file split into chords and melody tracks. 
          Great for play alongs. Change keys, Shape them however you like.
     Jazz Standards MIDI files:
          Larger arrangements than the multi
     Band In A Box Song Files: For our customers who own "BIAB"
          1116 MG* files (M = the song has a melody, G = it is a song.)
            562 SG* files (S - the song doesn't have a melody)
                       * (U - style is a user style, 1 - the song uses Style #1 etc)
RealBook Volume 1

If you were to purchase the original fakebooks in all 4 transpositions, that would set you back
$140.00 or more.

If you were to purchase the audios (if you could find them) for, let's say
$0.99 each that would run you a bit over $493.00.

That is over
$633.00 so far...
And of course that doesn't take into account the amount of time it would take you to do all of that.

Add to that all of the time saving, organizational, convenience functions and features of having all of this in a software database and the value skyrockets.

I'm sure you'll agree, this delivers extremely high value for an extremely low price of
$127.00 for the download or $127.00 plus shipping for the DVD (final price depends on your shipping speed choice). Or Download right now and Get the DVD for only $18.24 more (to cover manufacturing and shipping costs).
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The software is loaded with a huge variety of jazz songs covering a wide range of styles from classic jazz standards to modern jazz.

The lead sheets have been recreated using the
Finale notation program, so the music is engraving quality guaranteeing that every chart is very clear and easy to read.
RealBook Volume 1 at
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Plugin for Volume 1.
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• 1860
• C, Bb, Eb, Bass Clef
• 465
• 498
• 47 hours:35 min:29 sec
• 191
• 192
• 29
• Yes
• Yes
• Yes
• Yes
• Yes
• Yes
• No, it is Volume 1
• Yes
• 5.01
• Yes
• Yes
• XP, Vista, 7, 8,10
• OSX 10.4 and up
• Not Available
• $127.00 USD
• same + shipping
• Yes:
   1690 Band In A Box
               data/song files
     465 MultiTrack MIDIs
     134 Standard MIDIs
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