"I would buy this item just for the reason that the old "Real Book" is not available and quite treasured by many Jazz musicians, but hardly found."

Doc Riviera
"I wanted this program badly because I've always loved my Real Book, and this is the coolest application of it imaginable. I also like the additional scores of many of the songs in additional keys as well as transcribed for transposing instruments."
"This is definitely superior to just the hardcopy Real Book Fifth Edition."

Kenneth Roll
"You've brought the Real Book into the multimedia age".
"My Real Book is 25 years old and looks it.
Now I can retire it and work from the computer."

Thanks Again,
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Jazz Software Products from our Fakebook Series

What are people saying about the RealBook Software Products?
In this day and  age, people will seldom contact an online software company directly and let them know how pleased they were with the products, but here are a few that took the time to do just that. More unsolicited praise coming in all the time!
We Ship World Wide
"I am in awe of this program...It is simply fantastic.
I'm a computer programmer and designer and I was sure I could design a much slicker interface...but functionally...which is what it is all about,
Well you get it and you did it.
Much thanks and I want you to do the second book as well and I'll pay twice what I did for this. Good grief...speechless...I am out to spread the word... "
Thanks so much,

"Outstanding!...simple installation...intuitive structure.

Steve in GA

"Thanks for all the help on this. It will be really useful for band sessions.I am very impressed by how many free music downloads are included, and by the wide coverage, way beyond versions of the printed real books, It really is an excellent value."

Mick Foster
"Thanks for all the help on this. It will be really useful for band sessions.I am very impressed by how many free music downloads are included, and by the wide coverage, way beyond versions of the printed real books, It really is an excellent value."

Mick Foster
"I've been playing professionally for over 30 years and this is the Best FakeBook I've ever bought! "

Dusty Hills
"All I can say man, is..wow. The music resource is out of this world. I got to start learning these tunes."

Heywood Thompson
"Thank you for the great responsiveness. Here's something you can post on your website - I am impressed by the great customer service. I had a few questions on the install and they were answered promptly and in detail. With the great price, this wasn't something I expected."

John Briggs
"I have all the books and I play Trumpet and Sax When I stumbled over your website I too thought it was too good to be true but I knew I had to take the chance knowing how this program could help me. I'm totally blown away.

Jay Morton
"WHAT A COOL APPLICATION!!!!!!! You have a real winner there. Congrats"

Larry Bell
"It's a tremendous help, having it set up the way you have."

JR Tatarelli
"Thanks a bunch. I didn't sleep last night messing with this great tool.
Thanks again"

I really think you are a real hero and great advocate for jazz musicians. I can not thank you enough for your incredible contribution which will do so much to improve our world, not only as musicians but as persons and even citizens! Wow. Truly great."

Gratefully yours...
Tim Byron
"This is just a great program. I just love it. Just what I've been looking for, thanks "

Dennis Irish
"Everything was handled in a prompt and professional manner. I had no problems with delivery or program setup. As far as the program itself, the interactive audio that can be accessed through band in the box sets this worlds apart from simply a book of charts on paper."

Joseph Mendillo
"Excellent I love this program. I also want to say thank you for your quick support, and for your idea to develop this whole program for us working musicians. To see a chart and also listen to a track and to be able to bring it all up in the same window is powerful, and I don't even know my way around this program yet to realize it's full potential !!! "

Best Regards and Thank You Again
"Hi. I love what you did, it really is an amazing and complete collection! Thanks,"

"Thanks.The software is awesome. I am a drummer and having the sound files is a HUGE help."

Eric Puente
"Hey, I installed the RealBook today, it's really awesome! This is amazing being able to click on any tune and hear a recording of it!"

Thanks muchly,
"Hi, Thanks a lot for the GREAT program you sold me. I am very grateful for this fantastic jazz educational program. The recordings make everything come alive!
I'll be able to listen to the great players and transcribe solos. A cool thing about it is that I'll be able to listen to tunes that I never played or heard before and get to really appreciate them. Again, thanks a lot for your wonderful work. I'll let my students and musician friends know about it."

Take care,
Alex Cruz
Holy Sh*t! I love this thing. Just the recordings alone are worth the price of admission. Frankly I saw this on your website a few months ago, but it seemed to good to be true. But it ain't. Thanks for putting a great product out there."

Tim Curry
"The program is a great thing, what you get is unique & wonderful - Where else could I hear all those songs?"

Jan Jungden
"Now I can immerse myself in jazz bliss...thanks for taking the time and effort to compile this...I've used my Real Books for years to play from and you've added a new dimension to my playing." Thanks again!

Bill Ferrebee
"5 stars for the RealBook Software. Amazing Product - High Quality. It is a fabulous way to learn jazz with recordings by the original artists. The written music is helpful, in all the needed keys on disc so we only print up what we want to play in our group. There are thousands of hours of enjoyment with this product! "

E. T. Meree
"Just ran thru the program real fast last night..it is fantastic!!! I've been looking for things like this ..and WOW it's already done...PLUS the MIDI and BIAB is perfect..I have a Backing track so to speak to work on charts or use for a gig..
I went ahead and sent the WEB link to several of my musician buds.It's that good!"

"Hi, I just received your program today, thanks. It looks really great. I'm not much of a musician but tools like this give me a chance to see things about music I could not otherwise understand. The Band in a Box element of it was the best part for me - you've done a really great job of setting up the files."

"Thanks for the excellent product. I got the links going, that was exciting. All the band-in-a-box files are also exciting. I use BiaB daily to comp while I practice. The mp3 files linked to the song-list was a surprise and I loved it! I'll use this program a lot."

Kjell Arne
"I've just been opening up the songs in Band in a Box. These alone are worth the price I paid for the whole program."

M. Stott
"I think the program is great. The MIDI file thing is particularly helpful, cause I'm gonna be using this thing primarily for teaching - and with the MIDI files I can remove the piano - very handy - not to mention I can print out piano parts, etc.
Linking the files to the tune which automatically opens Sonar works great - very handy.
BTW - these are some of the best MIDI files I've ever heard. Great job. Most commercial MIDI files suck. It's real easy to find a particular song or artist - that works real good. Having the audio files is incredibly great. The program is a winner. Worth the bucks, for sure. The zoom feature works good - and being able to mark songs is good. I'm very happy with the program."

Walter Hanzel
"It works like a champ. Once again, thanks for your help. I've never known a software company with better customer support than yours. I've recommended your software to my musician friends."

Stu Carlin
I just purchased realbook 1,2, and 3 and hope to get more that they offers.  I am a 74 year old sax player that has played mostly by ear all my life and now want to hone my reading skills. I own Sonor Producer, Band in a Box with Real Bad full hard file edition, Smart Score and I rank this program up there cause it works with band in a box and shows me the real book sheet music. Having it all together is very convenient. I love it

Glenn Dawson
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