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The 5.01 version is the minimum version requirement to receive support and activation keys.

We no longer license the use of the 3rd party registration process used in the eariler versions of the program so we are not able to issue keys for those versions. If you need to upgrade from an earlier version, then please contact us and we'll get you the details on how to do that.


For most people, this program and it's installation is smooth running and hassle free, but with so many variables such as the users' abilities, computer hardware etc, there will be the occasional circumstance that might arise.
We have tried to anticipate these issues and respond with helpful answers.


The first step would be for you to carefully read and follow the instructions in the PDF Installation And Activation Guide. (Click here to access all documentation)

Next, read this page for a solution.

Do these before submitting a trouble ticket.

Most answers that you would receive at the help desk are already contained in that PDF.


What are the System Requirements?

The software runs on Windows XP, Vista, and 7 machines as well as Mac OSX 10.4 and up

I put the disc into the CD drive and nothing happens, it won't read.
That's because this is the DVD not a CD.

Is there an uninstall procedure so that I can start again?
There should be an uninstall on the Start Menu/RealBook tab and/or also inside the program file folder for PC. You can also just erase the folder and it's contents and uninstall that way, but it isn't as clean as either of the other methods and therefore not very recomendable. On Mac just send the progam's folder to the trash and empty it.

I think I need a new disc.
That's always the last resort. 99% of the time when peolpe think it's the disk, it actually plays fine on other computers. It's usually correct-able by other means and is rarely the fault of a bad disk.
Try the disk on another system first.
If you have tried the disk on multiple machines then contact support at www.RealBookSoftware.com/hesk and inform us of the error message you are seeing.

If you are on Mac and think that the disc is "blank" try it in a PC (or another Mac) you'll see that the disc isn't blank but certain drives seem to have issues with certain brand of media.

I get a message that there have been "Changes To My System" and I need to re-install. I didn't do anything. What do I do?
Each installation is tied to a specific computer to prevent sharing among several unauthorized computers. This means each system has its own "signature." If the signature changes then it causes the program to conclude that an attempt is being made to run the program on an unauthorized system.

These "signature" changes can happen behind the scenes, so you might not even be aware of them.

A frequent cause of such a conflict would be a change in your networking setup.

If you are operating under a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
connection (on a company computer for instance), then it may cause an unstable signature for your computer.

Also, LAN and Wireless connections are two different pieces of hardware.

If you registered under one scenario but are launching under another,
then the hardware "signature."

Try running the program while using the same network setup you had when you registered.

Otherwise if you do decide to re-install, take note of your networking setup and observe what changes
have taken place if you ever see the message again.

Here is how you can find your network assignments and compare them to your previous settings.

Windows XP *
   1. Click on the start button
   2. Select run
   3. Type in: cmd
   4. This will open a window with a prompt
   5. Type in the following: ipconfig / all
   6. You will get a list of all network settings including your MAC Address

Macintosh OS X *
   1. Select "About this Mac" from the Apple menu at the top-left of the screen.
   2. Click the "More Info" button from the dialog box that appears.
                This will activate the System Profiler application.
   3. Select Network from the side menu.
   4. The MAC address is labelled as Ethernet Address.

Windows Vista and 7 *
   Go here for a good set of instructions including graphics

* Please note: if you have a LAN, wireless card, and/or a built in wireless in your computer,
you will see more than one address. You'll want to make note of all network addresses

After determining these settings you’ll need to choose the network environment  that you will want to use the program under and stick with it to run the program.

Is there anything I need to watch out for if I install on a drive other than C:?
By default, the program will be installed on the C: drive (PC Version). However you can locate the program elsewhere on the computer.
Open the program and go to the Setup Menu.
Here you will enter the new filepath into the default folder field.be sure to end it with a backslash (\). This is critical.
Selecting the default folder option from the setup menu will open the folder where all of your audio will be stored. If nothing opens then either the folder doesn't exist or the path is incorrect. (PC Version only)

Do all of the tunes have accompanying audio files?
Pretty much. There are a handful of exceptions since some of the charts that appeared in the Real Book were never recorded.

There are one or two left that have been recorded but are extremely rare and difficult to run down.

Registering For and Applying The License Key

How do I activate the program?

Go to www.MusicMasterLibrarian.com/Register.html and fill out the form. You will use CTRL+V to paste the number into the registration field. After submitting the form a license key will be emailed to you.

There is a 3 step activation process used for both Mac and the PC.
Step 1 - Fill out your name and address in the form inside the program.
Step 2. - Hit submit.
A registration number is copied onto your computer's clipboard.
You don't have to look for the number.
A webpage will open. www.MusicMasterLibrarian/Register.html (if not then open it yourself).
Paste the number into the appropriate box. (use the computer's CTRL+V command to paste)
Fill out the form and hit submit.
Your key will be emailed to you.
Step 3 - Hit the insert key button and browse to the key file's location (wherever your email attachments are sent,. The program doesn't know where that is so use the pop up box to guide the program to the key's location on your computer). Select the file and choose OK.

That's it - your key file has been imported into the Real Book program - and the opening splash screen is gone forever!

I still see the countdown screen after importing the key.
There are only two reasons for this:
Reason 1 - You have not properly applied the key. Follow the instructions in the Installation and Activation Guide
Reason 2 - The wrong key. Every installation requires its own key.
If you are installing on a different system or have re-installed then you will need a different key. If the activation code you submitted was not correct then the key won't work either.

Does the 14 days of registration start from the moment I have installed the program or from the moment I have received this DVD?
The clock starts ticking after you complete installation.

I double clicked the key file and got an error message.
The file we sent is not an launchable file. No double clicking on the key file. Double clicking or attempting to' launch' the key file will potentially destroy the key file.

Using The Program

Does the disk need to be in to run the software?
No, it only runs from your hard drive after it is installed

Where are the Bonus files?
They are located in the program's Materials folder in a separate folder named Bonus Files

How do I use the Band In A Box Files?
These are propreitary files that work with PG Music's program Band In A Box.
Many musicians own this program already, so the files are useful to people who own the program. It is somewhat of an "instrumental karaoke" program, alowing you to rapidly change all kinds of parameters with more ease and flexibility than you would find in traditional MIDI files. Here is their website www.pgmusic.com

How do I use the MIDI Files?
MIDI files are universal standard digital music files that play in everything from professional music sequencing software programs to cell phone ring tones - Far beyond the scope of any discussion here - You might start your research on Wikipedia, plus there are millions of sites on the web that can give you good solid info - Dedicated music programs to check into include Sonar by Cakewalk for the PC and Logic for the Mac. There are many many freeware type programs available for this also.

How do I link to the MIDI files and the Band in a Box files?
Because there were so many of these types of files we didn't want to take the liberty of choosing for you. Plus not everyone has the Band in a Box program. That is why these are included in separate folders. As you find MIDI files and band in a box files that you find useful you can link them to the appropriate charge by clicking on the red buttons to the left of the song title or if there is not a black dot in the play buttons that you can click one of those and it will give you the opportunity to create a link. In order to keep all of your materials organized I would recommend copying the desired file into your materials folder. This isn't essential for the link to work but it's a good idea in order to keep everything organized. If you were ever to move the file's location the link would no longer operate.

I'm not sure about my default audio player.
Usually just the Windows Media Player unless you have something else designated to play audio files.

On Mac, iTunes will probably be your default player, however many customers prefer assigning the files to be played by Quicktime. This is recommended for several reasons.

Why won't the audio files play?
That is one of two things - Check these in this order.
If you changed the location durng installation then you'll need to change the path to the audio files.
1. Make sure that your Default file path is correct.
a. Go to the Setup Menu>Setup Command>
The default path is indicated there.
b. Click the blue button. If the path matches the actual location then it will open the folder. If it doesn't match you'll need to enter the correct file path to the "Materials" folder Follow the instructions just underneath the default folder field.
2. The other possibility has more to do with Windows File Type Associations
a. Open any folder on your computer
b. Go to the Tools Menu>Folder Options Command
c. Choose the File Types tab
d. Scroll down until you get to MP3 and select.
e. Choose "Change" and Choose which application you want to use to play the file
f. Use the OK Buttons to conclude the process

I'm on Vista and I'm getting a Xerces.dll error.
I'm on Vista. When I launch the program, nothing happens.

This is due to the Vista UAC control. That basically means that you have to run the program as administrator. .
—>Go to the program's folder and right click on the folder.
—>Select Properties
—>Click The Security Tab
—>Select Users (or whichever user you logon as)
—>Click Edit to Change permissions
—>Check the Full Control Box. Click the OK buttons to finish.
That way the program will always run with permission

I'm on Mac and I'm getting an error saying "not supported by this architecture".
This only occurs when you haven't let the installation complete. The Progress bar indicator is not at all accurate on the Mac. Let the installation finish completely before running the program. Some Macs/or versions of OSX take longer than others. You might want to let the installer run overnight or some other time when you will be away from the computer for a while.


Can we call you to walk through this?
We do not offer phone support. Our support is handled by our outsourcing staff overseas..

Less than 1% of customers experience any difficulties, and is usually the result of not reading and following the installation instructions or very little computer experience.

The program's installation sequence is designed to work with very little input from you. When in doubt, let the program do the work without any changes by you.

Should you run into a brick wall, your best bet is to uninstall the program and re-install, closely following the instructions without changing anything.

Have you read the Installation and Activation Guide and the FAQ's on this page before contacting support or submitting a trouble ticket?

Submitting A Trouble Ticket - Be sure to read suggestions from the knowledgebase in the help desk are. You'll find that most issues are already covered there or in the Installation And Activation Guide and you probably won't even need to submit a trouble ticket. Here is the help desk address - www.RealBookSoftware.com/hesk


What are your Policies, and all that...?

Thanks and Enjoy!

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