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The Key does not work. I'm still getting the countdown screen.

Solution If you received the key and feel that you have properly followed Step 3, but are still getting the countdown, then there are only two reasons for this.

1. It is the wrong key.
Keys are not "one size fits all."
Every fresh installation requires its own registration and activation key.
That can apply to installing on different computers or even repeated installation attempts on the same computer.
Every time the program is installed, a new code is generated.
If you have re-installed, then that number will have changed and you'll need to submit the new code.

2. You have not properly applied the key.
Be sure that you are carefully following the instructions in the Installation And Activation Guide.

If you are absolutely certain that you have followed the instructions to the letter, then maybe the number that was submitted had errors.
You can submit the registration code again and we can compare it to the one you sent earlier and send you a new key if the code differs.
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Code is not valid. Please paste the code that was sent to you.
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