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System Changes
There have been changes to your system.
System Change Message For Some Mac OSX users
I've re-installed. Do I need a new key?
I can't find my registration code
The Key does not work. I'm still getting the countdown screen.
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Bonus Files
Band In A Box Files
Bonus Files - Where Are They?
Associating/Linking"User Files" to a song
Can I install on more than one system?
Message: Installing after the 14 day period
Windows 7, 64 bit compatible
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How do I upgrade my earlier version of the Software?
Version 5.01
Should I uninstall my old versions before installing the new versions??
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Disk Read Errors
Error 1305 (etc). Error reading from file
I put the disk in my Mac and it tells me it is blank.
I just installed the Plugin but I have no audio
Tutorial Video For Installing Plugins
Desktop Icon Won't Launch The Program (Windows)
Using Quicktime instead of iTunes on a Mac
When printing a chart, the bottom gets cut off.
A different song prints than the one I wanted
Product / Ordering Info
Can I download the product?
Where Can I FInd The VIP Code
Switched From Windows To Mac
45 Fakebooks
How do I open the 45 Fakebooks with the RealBook Software?
Taking Screen Shots
How To Take A Screen Shot

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Our software is created in a virus free environment and is checked for viruses as part of the final rendering process. If you are getting a virus indication either something else has infected your ...
Can I call you to get support?
Sorry, we do not offer phone support. Our support is handled remotely so there is no way to provide phone support. All support is handled via this ticket system. The quickest way to find your solutio...
Tracking Number
The fulfillment service we use does not automatically provide us with the tracking numbers. We have to contact them for that info, but we will be happy to request that info for you. Also be aware tha...
Mac High Sierra
This month (December 2017) we have had several customers who have the RealBook Software crash after they upgraded to the mac High Sierra OS version 10.13. We are looking into the matter and will issu...
Download Issues
All of our downloads are provided via Amazon's S3 servers. These are rock solid and 99.9% dependable. If you are having trouble downloading then it is recommended that you try using a different Inter...

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