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I can't find my registration code


You don't have to look for the code. The program copies it for you.

After you have filled out your name and email address, then you hit the "Step 2" button.
The program has now copied the registration code to the computer's "clipboard" for you.

A window pops up and you are able to size it by grabbing the lower right hand corner and dragging it until you can see everything written in the box.

This is purely optional but it will allow you to actually view the registration number, but that is really not needed since the registration number has already been copied to your computer's "clipboard".

Now when you go to the registration website, all you have to do is to place your cursor in the registration number box and use the computer's paste command (CTRL and V keys pressed at the same time).
The code has been entered for you.

Fill out the remainder of the information on the form and hit the Send button at the bottom of the page to submit.

Please only submit this number once. Repeated submissions of the same number will bog down the system and cause a delay in your key being sent.

Keys are generated once a day. Yours will be generated and sent the next time there is a keygen session.

The current version of the software sends your activation email automatically and immediately as an auto-reply.

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