Amazing Slow Downer

Morph Your Audios!

Speed Up, Slow Down, Change Pitch, Loop, Export…

Are You A Musician, Teacher, Student or Transcriber?

Then You’ll Definitely Want This!

If you’ve ever had to copy or learn someone else’s songs or solos (Duh, of course we all have, right) then you have certainly found the need to change the original material in some way. Say tuning or speed for instance.

In the old days when you made changes then something else got changed too-and that just didn’t work.

If you changed the speed the pitch went up or down (the chipmunk voice!) If you changed the pitch then the speed either slowed down or sped up.

Modern Digital Signal Processing made a things like that a thing of the Past. Real Time Processing now means that you don’t have to do anything extra to be able to enjoy the immediate satisfaction of manipulating any audio to your exact needs.


The Amazing Slow Downer Does so much more than just change the speed without changing the pitch (and vice versa). You can Loop, Use EQ, Center Track Removal, Speed Up or Down after each Loop (or change pitch).


You can even save all of your manipulations as an entirely new file.

We’ve been using this for over a decade and thought that it would be entirely appropriate to promote it here on this site in order to provide our jazz musician customer army with a very valuable resource that will certainly provide all kinds of benefits and conveniences.

So no matter what instrument you play or what you do with music (teach, play, sing, perform, transcribe) you will be so glad that you got a hold of this!



  • Slow Down or Speed Up w/o Changing Pitch
  • Change Speed from 20% (1/5th) to 200% (Double)
  • Change Pitch +/- 12 semitones, +/- 50 cents
  • Fine Tune Timing by frames
  • Fine Tune Pitch by cents
  • Real Time Processing – No Waiting or prep
  • VERY Easy To Use Interface
  • Slider Controls/Keyboard input option
  • Karaoke Mode– Center Channel/Vocal Remover
  • 7 Band EQ – 60 – 15000 Hz.
  • MIDI Contraollable
  • Looping Between Markers
  • Change Speed at each new loop
  • Change Pitch at each new loop
  • Set wait time between loops
  • Export Loops as WAV/MP3
  • Export WAV/MP3 File w/ all settings applied!
  • 10 User Defined Presets
  • Start/End, speed, pitch, mix, loop setting, CD Track, Audio File
  • Import Export Presets
  • Create, Import and Export playlists
  • Use CDs or Audio Files:
  • CD-ROM drive, MP3, WAV, AIFF, WMA, OGG, FLAC, AAC, M4A


The Amazing Slow Downer

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