Real Book Software Volume 1

And What If…?

What if you were to purchase the original fake books in all 4 transpositions?

That would set you back $140.00 or more.

What if you had to find, then purchase the audios for, let’s say $0.99 each?

That’s assuming that you could find all of them.

That would run you a bit over $493.00.

You are up to $633.00 so far…

What if you had to take the enormous amount time and effort to find all of this and put it together?

You can’t even put a dollar value on that, even working for a penny an hour!
Surely, you would rather be playing and getting better than doing all of that wouldn’t you?

We’ve already done all of that for you.

Add to that all of the time saving, organizational, convenience functions and features of having all of this in a software database, so that you save even more time and money that you can spend on your craft instead.

The value is simply over the top.

I’m sure you’ll agree, this over-delivers extremely high value for an extremely low price of $127.00 for the download or $127.00 plus shipping for the DVD (final price depends on your shipping speed choice). Or Download right now and Get the DVD for only $18.24 more (to cover manufacturing and shipping costs).

Real Book Software

But We Are Not Finished Yet…

We’ve got these amazing FREE bonuses for you to further increase your overall enjoyment, growth and benefit apart from The Real Book Software.

Free Bonus #1

1690 Band In A Box Files

For our customers who own “BIAB”
1116 MG* files (M = the song has a melody, G = it is a song.)
562 SG* files (S – the song doesn’t have a melody)
* (U – style is a user style, 1 – the song uses Style #1 etc)

Free Bonus #2

465 MultiTrack MIDIs

Each song has its own MIDI file split into chords and melody tracks.
Great for play alongs. Change keys, Shape them however you like.

Free Bonus #3

134 Standard MIDIs

Jazz Standards MIDI files:
Larger arrangements than the multi



Real Book Software
Volume 1

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