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To Be Is To Bop

There is not a lot that needs to be said about Charlie “Yardbird” Parker.

Considered by most to be the father of modern jazz.

His influence is still felt far and wide and his compositions are still required repertoire if you are going to play jazz.

His take on the blues progression is a complete education in itself.

Songs, Solos & Sessions

The Dial, Savoy and Verve recording sessions resulted in Charlie Parker’s most recognizable songs and solos.

Songs like Blues For Alice, Now’s The Time, Billie’s Bounce, Donna Lee, Au Privave, Ornithology and Confirmation have become “Must Know” jazz standards that have been recorded again and again by almost every well known jazz musician. They are truly a rite of passage into the world of jazz.

Our Charlie Parker Fake Book Software program for Windows, Mac and Plugin versions brings you a wide assortment of 60 original compositions by Charlie Parker and his solos from those recording sessions.

A Quick “Head” Count

Even though the joke refers to the “head”, each listing here also contains the solo. Some of them are quite legendary!

Ah-Leu-Cha, Another Hairdo, Anthropology, Au Privave, Back Home Blues, Ballade, Barbados, Billie’s Bounce, The Bird, Bird Gets The Worm, Bloomdido, Blue Bird, Fast Blues, Blues For Alice, Buzzy, Cardboard, Celerity, Chasing The Bird, Cheryl, Chi Chi, Confirmation, Constellation, Cosmic Rays, Dewey Square, Diverse, Donna Lee, K. C. Blues, Kim, Klaun Stance, Koko, Laird Baird, Leap Frog, Marmaduke, Merry-Go-Round, Mohawk, Moose The Mooche, My Little Suede Shoes, Now’s The Time, Ornithology, An Oscar For Treadwell, Parker’s Mood, Passport, Perhaps, Red Cross, Relaxing With Lee, Scrapple From The Apple, Segment, Shaw Nuff, She Rote, Si Si, Steeplechase, Thriving From A Riff, Visa, Warming Up A Riff, Yardbird Suite. Some of these are transcriptions from alternate takes as well as the primary version.

But Wait…

It doesn’t end there though. We have also include three variations of the original recordings.

The first set is the recordings at regular speed. Watch out though, Bird could blow the doors off the place at tremendous tempos.

For the second set we’ve also included each recording at half speed. So not only are the fast songs more easily learned, you’ll be able to really dig into the amazingly delicate phrasing nuances of his ballad playing.

You’ll find out about the 3rd variation when you read about one of the bonuses below!

Real Book Software

Last But Not Least…

These awesome FREE bonuses will maximize the benefits you get when diving into the Charlie Parker Book Software.

Free Bonus #1

Every song rendered in MIDI format for you to use as play along, for transposing to different keys, whatever your imagination wants to do.

Free Bonus #2

4 MP4 Videos

A total of 2 hours: 17 minutes and 47 seconds.
Here you’ll find Parker in a variety of playing situations amongst greats such as Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, Dizzy Gillespie.
Then there’s a couple of documentary style videos.
You’ll be thrilled to watch all of these and to see the master at work.

Free Bonus #3

60 Half Speed Recordings

Because bebop is frequently played at extreme tempos, we thought it would be helpful to render the original recordings at half speed in order for you to be able to catch every note .
An added benefit of half speed recordings is to be able to put the ballads under the microscope and really emulate and internalize his velvety smooth phrasing and articulation – no matter what instrument you play.


Charlie Parker Fake Book Software

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BeBop, Blues, Ballads


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Price for Support
Free Bonus 1
4 videos totalling
2h :17m :17s

Free Bonus 2
60 MIDI files
Free Bonus 3
60 1/2 speed recordings


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