RealBook Software
You are no doubt familiar with the Jazz RealBook that has been around in paper form for decades. The timeless jazz fakebook has re-emerged into the digital age.
The RealBook Software merges the classic RealBook charts and recordings into an easy to use software database, loaded with features to make it an indispensable resource in any "practicing" musician's arsenal.

This software was created for jazz musicians like you who wanted to have their jazz fakebooks available in a digital database, allowing you to instantly find or sort your collection of lead sheets / jazz charts by a variety of options.

So much better than PDF's, paper books, or loose sheet music pages!

Not only is your jazz "sheet music" quickly available at the touch of a button, each song includes the original audios!

You are going to love this Jazz Fakebook Database

Great Jazz Charts
with Recordings in Software Form!!!

            • Available as Instant Downloads and DVD (great for a backup capy)
            • Original full length audio recordings included (hundreds of hours worth)
• Engraving Quality sheet music rendered with Finale Notation Program*
• All 4 transcriptions C,Bb,Eb, Bass*
• Links to online info about artists, songs, play-alongs, composers etc.
• Pre-researched, pre-entered "factory" links included
            • User slots available for your own entries
            • Find and  Sort the database by an assortmernt of criteria
                                           Product name (good for plugins),
                                                Audio Artist
            • Tag Specific Songs and only show those (or hide them)
            • Print out the jazz sheet music charts
See the same song in different keys and transpositions.
            • Regular Content Updates with links to new videos, bios, Wikipedia...
            • Bonus Files like multi track MIDIs, Band In a Box song files, videos...
            Available as Stand Alone Programs  or as Plugins for Volume 1
• Supports Windows XP thru 10 and Mac OSX
• Windows tablet version available
            • Laptop View. Turn your laptop on its side for full page viewing
The Jazz Fakebook Series

1000s upon 1000's of "must know" charts by a huge variety of the best jazz musicians ever to play jazz! From Jazz Standards to original compositions by well known, famous jazz artists and composers.
These are essential for you building an impressive repertoire
Click on any picture for more details about each product.
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The Jazz Artist Series

This series focuses on one legendary jazz artist at a time instead of the huge assortment of artists in the Fakebook series.

Jazz Solo Transcriptions

This series focuses on stand out, iconic jazz solos played by pretty much every instrument used in jazz music. This one is a "must have" item for woodhsedding jazz soloing concepts and ideas. Hundreds of solos, original recordings with
solo start times indicated. Findable and sortable by 8 criteria.
Great Jazz Solos Fakebook Software by
Great Jazz Solos
The Plugin Bundles

Specially Bundled Software Plugins For RealBookSoftware
RealBook Software Volume 1 at
RealBook Software Volume 2 at
RealBook Software Volume 3 at
Monster Jazz LTD Fakebook Software at
*The RealBook
Volume I
*The RealBook
Volume II
*The RealBook
Volume III
Monster Jazz LTD
Modern Jazz Guitar Volume 1 Software by RealBook
Bill Evans Songs And Solos Software at
The Charlie Parker Fakebook Software by
Modern Jazz Guitar
Volume I
The Charlie Parker Fakebook
Bill Evans
Songs And Solos

Massive amounts of lead sheets, charts, recordings and materials to explode your repertoire and chops are yours through these multiple sets of plugin programs bundled together for your conveninece and cost savings.
The RealBook Volume 1 at
RealBook Volume 1 at