Because you deserve access to the best tools available that will empower and enable you to skyrocket your jazz chops and master the jazz repertoire. Now you can have THE most powerful jazz resource, right at your fingertips!

Finally! Great Jazz Charts In Software Form. With Recordings!!!

You are no doubt familiar with the Jazz Real Book that has been around in paper form for decades. The timeless jazz fakebook has re-emerged into the digital age. The Real Book Software merges the classic Real Book charts and recordings into an easy to use software database, loaded with features making it an indispensable resource in any “practicing” musician’s arsenal. This software was created for jazz musicians like you who wanted to have their jazz fakebooks available in a digital database, allowing you to instantly find or sort your collection of lead sheets / jazz charts by a variety of options. You’ll agree, this is so much better than PDF’s, paper books, or loose sheet music pages! Not only is your jazz “sheet music” quickly available at the touch of a button, each song includes the original audios!

Some Fantastically Useful Features

Find or Sort by any criteria • Title • Tempo • Style/Genre • Key • Artist • Transposition • Product name (good for plugins) • Recording Artist • etc.

• Tag Specific Songs and only show those (or hide them) • Print out the jazz sheet music charts • See the same song in different keys and transpositions. • Laptop View. Turn your laptop on its side for full page viewing • Move about easily using Menu commands, Buttons or Keyboard Shortcuts

Links to online info… • Artists, songs, play-alongs, composers etc. • Pre-researched, pre-entered “factory” links included • User slots available for your own entries • Regular Content Updates with links to new videos, bios, Wikipedia…

Available as • Stand Alone Programs • Plugins for Volume 1 Available For • Windows XP thru 10 • Mac OSX • Windows tablets Mobile versions coming soon

Having Thousands of Jazz Lead Sheet Charts Is Awesome…

Having the recordings to go with them is Unbelieveably AMAZING!

Every Song Is Paired With One Or More Full Length Original Recordings

There are hundreds of hours of audio included in the software.

You’ll have an extensive jazz library right at your fingertips without having to look for a thing!

You’ll be introduced to hundreds of songs you probably never knew about and recorded versions of the songs that you have never heard.

Take A Quick Tour Inside The Real Book Software

Get Our Fake Book Plugins And Add 1000’s More Jazz Charts And Recordings To The Already Enormous Real Book Software Library

Free Bonuses

In our commitment to over-deliver and go above and beyond our software and plugin offerings, we also include free bonuses in each of our programs. Shown here are the bonuses that you’ll find in the Real Book Software, Volume 1.

Band In A Box Files

Band In A Box Files Included with Real Book Software

Band In A Box Song Files: For our customers who own “BIAB” 1116 MG* files 562 SG* files (M = the song has a melody, G = it is a song.) (S – the song doesn’t have a melody) * (U – style is a user style)

MultiTrack MIDI Files

Multi Track MIDI Files Included with Real Book Software

 · Multi Track MIDI Files: Each song has its own MIDI file split into chords and melody tracks. Great for play alongs. Change keys, Shape them however you like. · Jazz Standards MIDI files: Larger arrangements than the multi

What is all of this worth?

Starting with the recordings, let’s assume you could even find all of them. Many of them are very hard to find or completely unavailable. (And, can you imagine the time that it would take to run all of those down?) And, let’s say they were available for download at the absolute cheapest rate of $0.99 cents per song. The bill for the recordings alone would come out to $457.38 – again that’s if you could even find them.

Ok, let’s take this a step further and say that you could spend time and money acquiring  the fake books… (remember there are 4 of them – 1 for each transposition) Let’s say at the street price of $35.00 apiece. ( no tax , right?) That adds on another $140.00 to the tally.

Band In A Box Files -“Real Book, Jazz Standards and More ” 1690 of them! Value: $347 Tons of Regular and Multitrack Custom MIDI Files -“Real Book, Jazz Standards and More “ 8 hours: 13 minutes: 51 seconds of them! Value: $297 Incredibly useful files that you didn’t have to spend hundreds of hours creating them!

TOTAL VALUE: Recordings $457.38 Fake book $140.00 Band In A Box Files $347 Custom MIDI Files $297

So you are looking at having to shell out a grand total of $1241.38 cash And again you haven’t even factored in how much your time is worth and how long it would take you to put all of this together. But at the current price of $127 for the Real Book Software, you’ll be getting all of this at a 90% discount


That’s An Incredible Value!


You’ll Be Getting…

  • ‌ 1,997 pages worth of incredible, must have, jazz charts, covering the 4 main instrument transpositions!

  • ‌ Awesome collection of recordings totaling 44 hours 6 minutes and 50 seconds worth of music!

  • ‌ 1,690 FREE Band In A Box Data Files in the 1st bonus!

  • ‌ 8 hours 13 minutes and 51 seconds of FREE MIDI files as a 2nd bonus!

  • ‌ A total value of this is worth many, many times more than the actual price!

  • ‌ Understand that this is a limited offer and the price will likely go up AGAIN very soon!!

  • ‌ Get it now while the price is only $127.00 for the digital download!

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