Modern Jazz Guitar Volume 1

And like all of our other software products …

And like all of our other software products there are at least 5 things you’ll be able to do more quickly quickly and easily than with any other resource…

• Locate any chart in an instant –
no thumbing through a book. No More Hunting for the proper charts!
• Alphabetize by Artist or Songs A-Z, Z-A
• or just perform a quick search for the song you are looking for.
• Find all songs by a given artist, tempos, keys etc.
• Locate all songs in a particular style
• Add hundreds of tunes to your repertoire!
• Hear Full Length Original Recordings By Famous Jazz Artists!

You don’t have to

• Transcribe lots of songs and solos
• Notate, print and scan them
• Acquire the original recordings
• Organize everything into a software program
• Enter all of the song titles, composer info, solo start times, key, tempo and style information.

Modern Jazz Guitar Vol.1

AND…You Are Going To Love This

We’ve got these amazing FREE bonuses for you to further increase your overall enjoyment, growth and benefit apart from Modern Jazz Guitar, Volume 1 Fake Book Software.

Free Bonuses

47 MIDI files of John McLaughlin compositions for you to play, import into your notation software program for print out, or even to convert into Band In A Box files for even deeper levels of “play along” accompaniment tracks.

John McLaughlin is a featured guitarist in Real Book Software

A Lotus On Irish Streams: Awakening: Be Happy: Birds Of Fire: Celestialel Terrestial Commuters: David: Dawn: Dream: Earth Ship: East Side West Side: Electric Dreams: Eternity’S Breath: Faith: Fantasia Suite: Florianopolis: Guardian: Guardian Angels: Hope: Lila’s Dance 1: Lila’s Dance 2: Lotus Feet: Manha: Meditation: Meeting Of The Spirits: Miles Beyond: Montana: Noonward Race: Nostalgia: One Word: Open Country Joy: Opus I: Passion, Grace And Fire: Pastoral: Resolution: Sanctuary: Stardust On Your Sleeve: The Dance Of Maya: The Unknown Dissident: Thousand Island Park: Two Sisters: Very Early 1: Very Early 2: Vital Transformation: Waltz For Katia: When Love Is Far Away: You Know, You Know: Zakir


Modern Jazz Guitar Volume 1

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