Great Jazz Solos

Great Jazz Solos

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1954 Recorded Interview Files
At age 34 and one year before his death,
Charlie Parker was interviewed by Paul Desmond.
Bird talks about what music should sound like,
who it’s for and how he got his incredible chops.
Now you’ll own that insightful interview

Paul Desmond Interviews Charlie Parker In 1954

Free Bonus #2

8 MP3 Interviews With John Coltrane

There have been many giants of the Tenor Sax.
None more profoundly influential than John Coltrane.
Here we provide you wiith 1 hour and 5 minutes worth of wisdom
from one of the most influential jazz musicians of all times.

John Coltrane Interviews are available for free when you buy Great Jazz Solos from

Free Bonus #3

Bill Evans Documentary

45 minute documentary exploring the impact
and thoughts of one of the greatest jazz
pianinsts to ever play the instrument.
A very inspiring video indeed!

Video Documentary On Bill Evans from


Great Jazz Solos

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