Cancellation Policy
All sales are final. Cancellations are not allowed.

Shipping Policy.
We use a 3rd party shipping service that offers a variety of shipping options. The most common is first class mail using the United States Postal service. International orders are sent USPS Airmail.
International mail delivery is running about 10-14 days and is covered in the same price you would pay if you were in the U.S – No customs forms are required so you won’t have to pay additional fees or taxes.

Defective DVD Return Policy.
If a disk is damaged or defective upon arrival, then contact our help desk and we’ll contact the fulfillment service to ask that a replacement be sent.
Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.

If your DVD has become damaged or defective sometime after arrival then you can obtain a replacement DVD by covering the costs of manufacturing and shipping (around 20$ USD or so). Contact the help desk for assistance with that.

All Support is handled at www.RealBookSoftware.com/hesk

Get in touch with us by going to our help desk
and opening a ticket

Use Your Credit Card Easily And Confidently.
We use a secure 3rd Party Credit Card Processor, so your info is only seen by them. Not Us.

For Windows 7, 8, 10, XP and Vista or Mac OSX 10.4 and higher.

The Jazz Play Along Backing Tracks will play on any device or computer program that is able to play MP3 format digital audio files.