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The Real Book Software Volume 3 completes the original Real Book Fake Book Series Trilogy

The Trilogy Saga…

When the original Jazz Real Book Fake Book came out of Boston at the Berklee College of music in the 70’s it contained many essential “must know” jazz standards as well as many other lesser known jazz gems by artists whose names who were a really who’s who in the jazz world.

Then other book editions came out for Bb, Eb and Bass Clef Instruments with pretty much the same lead sheets that were in the original Volume 1 5th Edition in C.

The series evolved into a Trilogy when Volumes 2 and 3 were published in the years that followed.

All of these became the essential “jazz bible” for any musician interested in learning or playing jazz.

All three Volumes represented the four major transpositions mentioned above. That made for a total of 12 books that complete the collection.

When you get the Real Book Software Trilogy then you’ll have the complete collection!

It is a long list of songs and composers that went into the making of the Real Book Software

Long List Lengthens!

Volume 1 presented many “new” artists that were popular at that time right alongside the “classic” jazz composers and artists.

The Real Book Volume 3 carries on that same tradition.

Here you’ll find an assortment of artists that were up and coming and continuing to emerge onto the jazz scene.

And it also included many artists and composers that are not well known, which is great for adding some “off the map” songs into your jazz repertoire and lead sheet music collection.

Check out the comprehensive list of Volume 3 composers below and you’ll find a wealth of new and probably unfamiliar artists and composers that will greatly enlarge your repertoire in a very hip way.

Johnny Mercer. One of the hundreds of composers represented in the Real Book Software Volume 3

A Composed List Of The Composers

Thomas Adair, Pepper Adams, Stanley Adams, Nat Adderley, Arthur Altman, Gary Aprile, Harold Arlen, Michael Asher, Harry Barris, George Benson, Alan Bergman, Jerry Bergonzi, Irving Berlin, Buddy Bernier, John Blackburn, Ralph Blane, Eric Blau, Ruben Bloom, Jerry Bock, Luiz Bonfa, Brooks Bowman, Tiny Bradshaw, Alan Brandt, Jacque Brel, Elise Bretton, Leslie Bricusse, Alan Broadbent, Nicholas Brodzsky, Harry Brooks, Clifford Brown, Lew Brown, Sonny Burke, Cliff Burwell, Ron Busch, Irving Caesar, Sammy Cahn, Truman Capote, Bill Caret, Hoagy Carmichael, Stephens Chip, Cy Coleman, George Coleman, Betty Comden, J. Fred Coots, Chick Corea, George Cory, Henry Creamer, Neal Creque, Douglas Cross, Tadd Dameron, Harold Danko, Benny Davis, Miles Davis, Matt Dennis, Gene DePaul, Buddy DeSylva, Howard Dietz, Bill Dobbins, Walter Donaldson, Jimmy Dorsey, Al Dubin, Edwards, Sherman Duke Ellington, Ron Eschete, Bill Evans, Ray Evans, Sammy Fain, Paul Ferguson, Dorothy Fields, Carl Fischer, Clare Fischer, Tommy Flanagan, Frank Foster, Bob Fraser, Ralph Freed, Les Gaines, Kim Gannon, George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, Dizzy Gillespie, Haven Gillespie, John Golden, Benny Golson, Eddie Gomez, Irving Gordon, Mack Gordon, Adolph Green, Maria Grever, Earle Hagen, Jim Hall, Arthur Hamilton, Oscar Hammerstein-II, Lionel Hampton, Herbie Hancock, Edgar Yipsel (Yip) Harburg, Tom Harrell, Lorenz Hart, Bob Haymes, Neal Hefti, Ray Henderson, Victor Herbert, Fred Hersch, DuBose Heyward, Larry Holofcener, Raymond Hubble, Chuck Israels, Keith Jarrett, Gordon Jenkins, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Edward Johnson, Thad Jones, Irving Kahal, Donald Kahn, Gus Kahn, Buddy Kaye, Marilyn Keith, Sidney Keith, Jerome Kern, Ted Koehler, Ernie Krivda, Fran Landesman, Burton Lane, John Latouche, Jack Lawrence, Turner Layton, Michel Legrand, Franz Lehar, Carolyne Leigh, Michael Leonard, Alan J. Lerner, Lewis, Sam Dave Liebman, Bud Livingston, Jay Livingston, Frank Loesser, Frederick Loewe, Jeff Lorber, Arnold Loupacci, Paul Madeira, Herb Magidson, Matt Malneck, Henry Mancini, Johnny Mandel, Antonio Maria, Herbert Martin, Hugh Martin, Bruno Martino, Eric Maschwitz, Lyle Mays, Eugene McDaniels, Jimmy McHugh, John McLaughlin, Marian McPartland, Johnny Mercer, Bob Merrill, Pat Metheny, Meyer, Donald Bernie Miller, Charles Mingus, Bob Mintzer, Billy Moll, Thelonious Monk, Dudley Moore, Jerome Moross,  Ted Mossman, George Mraz, Gerry Mulligan, Josef Myron, Anthony Newley, Dean Newton, Ray Noble, Ben Oakland, Makoto Ozone, Pat Pace, Mitchell Parish, Charlie Parker, Frank Perkins, Bernice Petkere, Oscar Pettiford, Bobby Plater, Cole Porter, Earl “Bud” Powell, Miguel Prado, Don Raye, Andy Razaf, Edward Redding, Billy Reid, Leo Robin, Richard Rodgers, Claudio Roditi, Dick Rogers, Sonny Rollins, Frank Rosolino, Arthur Schwartz, John Scofield, Pat Scott, Woody Shaw, Manning Sherwin, Bobby Sherwood, Mort Shuman, Joel E. Siegel, Abner Silver, Horace Silver, Nat Simon, Harry Smith, Lew Spence, Chip Stephens, Mike Stern, Sonny Stitt, Billy Strayhorn, Jule Styne, Stanley Styne, Karl Suessdorf, Steve Swallow, Einar Aaron Swan, Mel Torme, Charles Trenet, Bobby Troup, Fats Waller, George Wallington, Cedar Walton, Harry Warren, Bobby Webb, Paul Francis Webster, George Weiss, Bob Well, Kenny Werner, Richard Whiting, Alec Wilder, Lawrence Williams, Paul Williams, Tommy Wolf, Phil Woods, Bobby Worth, Allie Wrubel, Vincent Youmans, Joe Young, Victor Young, Jack Zucker,

Here’s what it would cost if you attempted to do this on your own…


$120.00 – Acquire the C, Bb, Eb, Bass Clef Books at the street price of $30.00 each

$287.10 – Purchase all of the Audios (for the low rate of $0.99 each)

$40.00 – If All audios are not available in digital form, then you’ll have to hunt down the album and transfer from vinyl to the computer. Let’s say 4 songs needed. So 4 albums at $10.00 apiece.

Time and Effort

49 hours – Locate all 293 recordings. Let’s say you spend a very conservative amount of time like 10 minutes finding and purchasing each one

2 hours – Recreate songs that were never released commercially in Band In A Box songs. Let’s say 4 songs at a low ball estimate of 30 minutes each.

12 hours – Scan the 1,444 pages into the computer, non-stop and at the blazing speed of 30 seconds per page.

100’s and 100’s of  hours – Write A Computer Database Program

12 hours – Enter the scans into the program. We’ll use the same speed as we used for the scanning.

100’s hours – Enter all of the Data – Names, Song Titles, Tempo, Key etc


You would have to shell out $447.10, and spend over 300 hours of mind numbing collecting and assembling.

I’m sure you’ll agree, the Real Book Software Volume 3 way over-delivers extremely high value for an extremely low price of $127.00 for the download or $127.00 plus shipping for the DVD (final price depends on your shipping speed choice).

Or Download right now AND Get the DVD for only $18.24 more (to cover manufacturing and shipping costs).

Real Book Software

But You Are Not Done Yet…

You’ll get these helpful FREE bonuses for you to further increase your overall enjoyment, growth and benefit when intertwined with your The Real Book Software Volume 3.

Free Bonuses

290 MultiTrack MIDIs

Each song has its own MIDI file split into chords and melody tracks.
Great for play alongs. Change keys, Shape them however you like.

Multitrack MIDI files for Real Book Software Volume 3


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