About Us

A Brief History
This all started when a music student had a need to organize his performance repertoire. A database program was created that would help him to not only list songs and other information such as keys, tempos etc, but would also allow him to import digital images and scans of the actual materials. Out of this small project the Music Master Librarian program was born. This program took the basics of that first organizer and loaded up all kinds of features bells and whistles (setlists, instrument patches, videos, etc) that might be useful to a performer, teacher, student…musician.

The Roll Out
The product rolled out in 2005 at a big music magazine consortium event in New York City’s Times Square. The event was well attended and the software was well received. To demo the product we loaded it up with various content in order to demonstrate its features and flexibilites. On a whim, we also added various charts from the Real Book. That really sparked some interest among those who came to the booth.

All That Jazz
So it was decided to scale down the over the top features of the Music Master Librarian, and make it more lean and counter that with a shift to a more content based program. You guessed it. The Real Book Software. So from a “takes all comers” product it was now purely jazz focused. Music Master Librarian took a back seat to this new program and was eventually retired but of course the Real Book Software still retained all of the highly useful features (finding, sorting, tagging, etc.) database features from the Music Master Librarian.

So, in conclusion
We are musicians as well so this is truly a product by musicians, for musicians. We are very committed to providing good solid materials and support for our fellow jazz musicians. Please join us on this magical journey to fill the universe with jazz!

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